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Compare Exatouch Cloud-HybridTM POS to ANY POS you may be considering ...

INTRODUCING MULTI-FLOOR TABLE MAPS, MULTIPLE MERCHANT ACCOUNTS FOR RENTERS, BUILT-IN LOYALTY PROGRAM AND MORE * SMALL/MED RESTAURANT * SALON * YOGURT/ICE CREAM * SMALL GROCERY * RETAIL * MOST SMALL BUSINESSES * --System-- * hardware included * touchscreen included * card swiper included * receipt printer included * customer facing display included * cash drawer included * USB local backup COMFORTABLE * cloud backup CONVENIENT * easy user interface EASY * easy cash drawer hookup * UNLIMITED users * PCI Validated SECURE * remote access * local data export * remote support * Facebook support * Twitter support * text support * web support * phone support * email support * full keyboard included * SideKick systems * simple USB barcode scanner * --Inventory/Retail-- * full inventory system * unlimited individual SKUs (10 million+) * generate SKUs * matrix inventory (eg. sizes and colors) * bulk breakdown (eg. cartons and packs) * user defined fields * promotions * sell services * schedule services * print barcodes * print labels * modifiers * 8 different taxes * --Small Restaurant-- * Table Map/Floor Plan * Table States * Floor plan for other industries eg. auto svc. * Split Checks * Open Orders * Remote Printer * --Transactions-- * fully integrated cc processing * mixed payments * multiple CCs, debit, cash, check, gift * deposits * button driven * barcode driven * promotions * open orders/tickets * programmable gift certificates * gift cards * loyalty * --Reporting-- * Excel email reporting * PDF email reporting * Scheduled email reporting * profitability report * inventory reports * purchasing reports * staff reports * customer reports * --Customers-- * customer CRM * customer marketing * customer purchase history * print customer mailing labels * --Staff-- * access control * staff CRM * time clock * staff pay report * staff performance tracking * --Purchasing-- * vendor CRM * send POs * receive items * print barcodes/labels when received * receive ad hoc items *

TechWeb, UPI, Web 2.0 Journal, Cloud Computing Journal, Morningstar, el Nuevo Herald, Boston Globe

Patchwork and clunker POS is a thing of the past. iPad solutions have too many "buts" and limitations.

Take a minute to read the long list of scrolling features above and you'll be amazed at the difference an Exatouch POS system can make to your business, for the same cost, or less. CLICK HERE to get started. Ask how Exatouch could be super affordable to qualified businesses. Ask us about it! Exatouch is revolutionizing POS in every way.

Bar Owner Testimonial:
"Exatouch has made what we do so much faster! And, the accuracy is way up. Over or under use to be $25, $50 but now … $6, like one drink. Setting up a new system can be tough, but you made it easy and now it’s great! My bartenders REALLY like Exatouch, it's fast! Thank you." Jim, 4-station lounge owner
Bar Owner Testimonial:
"Exatouch is great ... took us through our busiest night ever!" Susan, Ivy League School Rathskeller
Restaurant Owner Testimonial:
"Exatouch is like Micros Junior! It's replacing Clover that just does not work." Melissa, Italian Restaurant

Click the 2-1/2 minute video above for a good introduction to Exatouch.

Some of the many features by business type:

General Features Small Restaurant *VIDEO* Retail/Convenience/
Small Grocery
Salon (opt)
"Admin mode" preference
("too many PINs")
Table Map, multi-zone 2-fers ("Buy 3 for $1") Integrated book
Send Manager a Temp PIN for Staff overrides when out Send delivery maps,
print QR code
(use lotto payout as payment)
Checkout from book
Calendar to book services 4 printers EBT* Double Book
"Squeeze In"
Staff work schedules Split check; Item or Amount Age ID checking (swipe license) Confirm appointment
On-site data, USB backup Join check Cordless inventory counting Client notes
Cloud Backup (opt) Special instructions Serial number tracking Rebook from history
Time clock Modifiers/Req'd Mods Matrix Inventory Standing appointments
Automatic reports Fast order building Workshop printer Assign services to staff
Sidekick systems
Built-in Loyalty Program
Web ordering (coming soon) Integrated scale Multiple merchant accounts (Renters)
Purchasing with POs Open tabs with label Read Scale Barcode Labels w/Aging Color appt. status
Messaging (opt)) Authorize/Complete with tip Discounts/Promotions Bulk breakdown
User defined fields
(special values)
Daily Specials Print Barcodes Settable book time intervals

Play the video below to see Exatouch in action!

Try all this with Android or iPad apps!? Boutique, marina, cigar store, yogurt ...

Simple and easy, full-featured, secure, like no other POS in the world..
Your users will be effective right away.

Exatouch highlights

Life just got easy!


Exatouch Manages: Products and Inventory, Customers, Transactions, Reports, Messages, Vendors, Gifts & Loyalty, and much more! Exatouch is ISO Friendly! :^)

Here support, there support, everywhere, support, support!

We love happy customers; but we still love the unhappy ones! Tech is tech and stuff happens, for many different reasons. We are here to help. A great product is our top priority. BUT, how we handle your concerns is what sets us apart. Support is in our culture. Patience, knowledge, desire ... these drive the Exatouch team.

Features list

Exatouch is PCI Validated
PA-DSS Validated
Exatouch employs ETA Certified Payments Professionals Exatouch has the first FirstData/PA-DSS Tablet
Exatouch has the first Vantiv/PA-DSS Tablet Exatouch has the first TSYS/PA-DSS Tablet     Exatouch has the first EVO/PA-DSS Tablet
Exatouch is proud to be one of Mercury Payments' certified systems
Exatouch has the first Pivotal Payments FlexPoint Solution
Exatouch has the first Pivotal Payments FlexPoint Solution
Exatouch has one of the first North American Bancard Velocity certified systems

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